Thursday, 10 February 2011

New logo, new blog host

I have changed my logo slightly and changed over form a wordpress blog to a blogger blog, I just could never work out how to use wordpress, so here goes, just my website next.

Things I love and things I dont quite love in France

  • the weather
  • the laid back life
  • the friendliness of the local french
  • brocantes (french equivalent of an upmarket car boot sale)
  • being away from the consumerist society in the UK
  • my vegetable garden
  • my family being happier than ever before
  • learning french
  • my summer kitchen /office
  • lakes with beaches - they are everywhere
  • camping  - cheap, sunny and beautiful campsites
Dont quite love
  • not speaking french
  • expensive food, so meat and fish are rationed
  • missing family and friends
  • lack of good cafes and internet access

Adult birthday party invitations

I have just been asked to do a few birthday party invitations for the older generation, i.e. not teenagers or babies anymore. A couple have used my cupcakes for 60th and 50th parties, but I have just added a new section to my website, with only one design at the moment but more to come.

I created a similar design for a clients 30th, take a peep at and don't laugh at the photo!

Blogging and twitter

I am amazed by all the wonderful blogs out there, I need to know the secret how do you write such interesting blogs and how do you find the time.

Is it really 5 weeks till Christmas

Christmas really has come early for me this year I normally ignore xmas till december, but designing christmas card since september, and personalising designs over the last week has made me panic. I have no idea what to buy for my 3 kids. I am lucky as they do not have long lists of things they want, but just a small list would be helpful!

I am going to browse the internet for original goodies, so if I find an wonderful presents I will list them here.

My other dilemma is which christmas card to choose for mine this year, it will probably have to be a trifold christmas card as they are so original and the ones I have printed so far have been just divine.

Remember 15% off till 20th November on all xmas cards, just click on

Bye for now