Friday, 25 September 2009

Exciting new products

I have fallen in love with these gifts and cant wait to show them to everyone, they are brand new to the UK and europe, they will be launched this October.

I hope you like them, you will be able to buy them on my site very very soon.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Baby Shows - please come and see me

I am exhibiting at the following baby shows over the next 2 months and we are buying some amazing products to sell, we will be the first people in the UK to sell them and probably Europe, they are so gorgeous, very stylish and modern, I just need another baby to use them.

I am exhibiting at:

  • IssyBoo in Doncaster on the 10th October

  • Baby Show Earls Court - 16th -18th October

  • Designer baby show in Slough - 14th November

  • Our very own Happy Mondays showcase on the 19th November

I am even having our outfits for the shows hand made!

My other blog which I actually update with Sue's help

As I now run Happy Mondays networking with Sue we have to write a blog as it is a networking group, so please take a look at

I love the group, I have met so many interesting women and mums in business are always so open and willing to help each other, the meetings have been very successful up to now.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Weight loss at last

I had to post about my weight loss. I have 3 kids 6, 4 and 2 and basically have been overweight since the birth of no.1. I have tried to lose weight, but failed miserably. So what happened in July to make me actually really tackle the weight issue at last, instead of hiding from it. I had so much to lose I just could not face it. The answer is I am not really sure, but I wish I knew, as I would bottle it and give it to all those people who feel like I did, thinking about how fat you are 10-20 x a day, your confidence dwindling with every extra ounce, hoping your kids wont notice that you are fat.

I have now lost 2 stone, one dress size down, and go to the gym 4 x a week and feel tremendous, my wardrobe is now a bit more exciting, not quite there yet as still have 3 stone to lose, but so much more choice.

I just hope I can keep on track and lose the other 3 stone and my wobbly arms as my 6 year old kindly told me yesterday, not as wobbly as grandmas but still very wobbly!!!