Sunday, 27 May 2012

Party bags

I find it very hard to find good, interesting but cheap bits and bobs to put in party bags, I do think it is a nightmare for many parents.

So I went for cococards bits and bobs instead, used my brown bags from ages ago, printed off 5 sheets of names and then used my lovely cutter and some ribbon to attach them to the bags. So all the bags had personalised name tags.

Then all the children have personalised note books and a pen each, and of course a little bags of chocolates. Hope they like it all, Jemima's party is this afternoon.


Monday, 14 May 2012

Greek baptism invitations

I have designed a few Greek baptism invitations lately and they all seem like they are going to be big joyous celebrations. I was so interested in it I looked into it and found that the baptism of a baby in a Greek Orthodox Church is a ceremony second only to marriage in its symbolism, it is a major event in the child's life.
The godparents play a vital part as in many areas they have to bring the white towels, white sheets, olive oil, baptismal undergarments, baptism outfit, a gold cross for the baby, martyrika christening witness pins and white candles which are essential parts of the Greek baptism ceremony.
When the ceremony is complete the child wears a pure white outfit, the ceremony is then followed by a celebration at a local restaurant or their home.

These are examples of martyrika pins that can be given to the guests along with boubouniera.

I was inspired to design the Greek baptism invitation below I hope you like it, obviously it can be changed to fit any celebration from a traditional christening to a naming ceremony or even for a baby announcement card and colours can be changed.

Baptism invitation

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