Monday, 17 September 2012

Baby changing bags - gorgeous finds

With 3 children I went through at least 3 changing bags, my first one ended up a soggy mess, I think it was black  - it was 9 years ago. My second was a funky multi stripe from Oioi which my hubbie disliked immensely but I loved and my last one was by Storksak and I bought it the same time or even before Angelina Jolie, I loved it.
But in 5 years since my last child was born, bags have really moved on, they are just so gorgeous, can I not just buy one and chuck out the nappy changing bit and just pretend, or have another baby as an excuse to go shopping - no bad idea!

Anyway I have added below just a selection with my favourites first.



The 4 above are all made by Sugarjack, which you can buy at They are just gorgeous I love the cream one.

This one was Angelina Jolie's choice of bag from Storksak.

If you are feeling like you need something colourful, the butterfly bag is by Yummy mummy, they have lots of similar designs . The Kissing rabbits bag can be found at 

My friend over at stocks Il Tuto bags which are divine. Lots of colours, the  black and red are below.

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