Thursday, 17 January 2013

Thank you cards for my daughters birthday

I am a real stickler, if that is the word for writing thank you notes.  Yes the first reaction from my children, is Mummy do we have to, but then we discuss the reasons behind my request and I also ensure that it is fun, starting with always designing gorgeous thank you cards for them, or encouraging them to design their own, often a very messy approach, but very exciting.

The thank you messages do have to be thought out, no thank you for my present on all of them, as this I believe is pointless. 

Who would not want a beautiful handwritten thank you card dropping on your doormat, to say thank you for taking the time to choose and give me a present.

Jeffrey Froh, an assistant professor of psychology and the director of the Laboratory for Gratitude in Youth at Hofstra University, in Hempstead, New York. Says “Grateful kids tend to be much more satisfied with their lives,” says Froh. “They do better in school and are less materialistic, less depressed, and less envious. Their relationships are much stronger and more supportive.” In one study, grateful kids even reported fewer physical symptoms, like headaches, stomachaches, and fevers.

Thank-you notes don’t have to be reserved for physical loot: Your kids can write them in appreciation of awesome outings or good friendship. “My five-year-old borrowed my phone to type a thank-you text to his mom for a special day that they had spent together,” says Froh.

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