Thursday, 29 October 2009

Christmas card designs and a curry

Just finished uploading my new xmas card designs today, bit late I know. But with 3 kids who always seem to be on holiday, lots of orders ( no complaints there though) and being at the baby show, it just did not happen. But October and xmas cards, you just cant can you, november is OK. But is that just me, as if you start buying xmas cards you realise that you have not made the christmas cake again, or you have to start thinking about whose family you will be spending xmas with, always a risky subject in our house. Last year we took the easy option and stayed in Abersoch for the whole festive season, this year I think brother in law Mark should host xmas in his new fab barn, will post details on his new barn later.

So after a busy day or trying to look busy I have attached my favourite design and my man has bought some cheap champers from M&S, chocs and ordered a curry, what more could you ask for, especially when you are on a diet. Still got 2 stone to go, lost nearly 3 now - yippee.

Photo Christmas card

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