Saturday, 12 June 2010

New life

Not been near my blog in ages, incredibly busy with work , 3 kids and life in general. But hopefully things will get better now.

I am moving to France next week to start a new life with my hubbie and 3 kids and I cant wait, nervous but excited.

Dont worry CocoCards continues and will be even better as I have an employee now, a wonderful lady called Jean, who will be dealing with all the printing, packing and posting from the UK.  I will now be able to focus on my business - blogs, wedding stationery, marketing etc etc.

I have been through a very rough patch recently which I will not go into, but I believe in postive thinking and I have learnt a lot about human nature and by god people can be awful, but then others can be the most inspiring supportive people you could ever imagine  - allie and Gill you know who you are and thank you so much.

So in a month time when I am all settled in my beautiful French house in the most gorgeous little village in France, I will blog again.

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