Sunday, 27 June 2010

Settling in France week 2

Well we have a vegetable patch now, courtesy of my hubbies digging, with melons, tomatoes, herbs, pumpkin, cucumbers and courgettes, lets just see if they survive. I feel really good about my first ever veg patch, simple honest living is the way forward.

We have filled our paddling pool so the kids are very very happy and our table is under the cherry tree in the garden, so we can relax while they play - heaven.

As you can see suddenly lots of blogging, well that was one of my main aims along with developing my marketing skills when I moved to France, I also wanted to make it (hopefully) a bit more interesting by adding  little titbits from my new French life.

I am just loving assessing my site with google anlaytics - which pages most people go to, bounce rates, where they come from - what about Ribeirao Preto in Brazil or Sofia in Bulgaria, how come they find CocoCards - but the person from Sofia only looked at 2 pages, so not that good a site she or he thought and the Brazilian spent 5 minutes and 26 pages - but sadly no order.

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