Saturday, 11 September 2010

New beginnings

I am hoping to revamp my website over the next few months, a friend is coming over to stay next weekend who is a computer whizz kid, I have so many new ideas, and I have enlisted the help of Camille Wesser to photograph my cards she is an excellent photographer.

Allie Pottinger is drawing some christmassy things as we speak and has just painted some dragonflies, so new cards coming very soon

On French life, well all 3 kids started school last week, the little one cries when she goes in but it gets better every day, well I hope, as it is heartbreaking as every mother knows. My oldest is excelling, his teacher is amazed by his ability to learn, he even stood up in front of his class and recited a French poem the other day. My middle one is enjoying her class and her new teacher, it is pretty easy for her as in France they do not start school until their 6th year, so she is maternelle for another year, which is the french equivalent of pre school. So she has time to learn french before she starts 'real' school.

I have to say that yep sometimes it is hard and learning french for me is hard, missing my family and friends is hard but I would still recommend it to anyone. Cheap flights to the UK do help, we went to the UK end of August and my parents are coming over here very soon, cant wait to show them our new life.

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