Friday, 19 November 2010

Chilly November in France

MY WEBSITE - I have had a few comments lately that I am not as user friendly as Hallmark or Moonpig, which I acknowledge is true. But my aim is to be a bespoke stationery service, where you can get the card that is perfect for you. I spend a lot of time and thought making sure the cards are just right for the client, from designing multiple proofs, to giving advice on the best photo to use. I also design matching items on request, for example prayer cards, order of service and love every minute of it. I do get some amazing feedback which makes it all worth it.

The big but is, do I need to update my site. If I provide an online proof service, I know by experience the cards just dont look right if you just place them straight on the card - I spend time altering text size, spacing, cropping photos, even changing the shape and style of the card to make sure it looks just perfect.

So the question is how do I change my website but still retain the CocoCards unique personal touch.

MY LIFE - france is still the place I want to be, it can be difficult sometimes running the business by email and phone, but with the great team I have it is getting better all the time. The problem is I enjoy my home life more here, so the temptation to cook beautiful food - no convenience food here! or dig my vegetable patch is much greater here. I even bake my own bread now (slight exaggeration here - as I use a bread machine!)

If anyone is ever tempted to emigrate, I say do it, the kids are happier, we are happier. You realise what is important in life when you move to rural France - family and friends. A life where you consider your environment, eat seasonal food, grown your own food, enjoy the countryside. I love it. My children see so much of their father now, he walks them to school every morning, picks them up every afternoon, helps with their french homework (as I can't), we all sit down and eat together two or three times per day.

It is all so simple but yet so good.

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