Sunday, 1 April 2012

Diamond Jubilee party

Four days off in June, sounds wonderful. Is anyone going to have a party. I have just designed one invite and my friend Allie Pottinger is painting a garden party invite as I write this.
Just googled street parties and the eden project have a great website called the big lunch, it has party packs, ideas for games - games for kids, team games and much more. The sticky toffee game sounds interesting.
It lists why we should get involved, added an excerpt below form the site

  • To stoke up community spirit – we call it ‘human warming’.
  • To make the third of us who live alone feel happier, closer and friendlier.
  • To show how local people can change a neighbourhood for good, forever.
  • To conquer our natural shyness by opening our curtains, doors and minds and looking out for one another.
  • To share stories, skills and tools, so we all end up richer in every sense.
  • To discover common ground across age, class, faith, race and the garden fence, and to remind ourselves that charity begins at home, or at most, a couple of doors away.

So can we create the street parties of yesteryear.

Coronation street party

Why not choose to celebrate with this gorgeous watercolour invitation by Allie Pottinger.

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