Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Moving house

How much do I dislike packing, at the start I find it therapeutic due to throwing so much out, but then the nightmare begins. When you have packed 60% of your belongings and just have the straggly bits left, which box does it go in, will it fit in the boxes, do I need it in the last few days before I leave - nightmare, nightmare, nightmare.
You would think I would be good at it by now, we moved from our little house to the family house in 2003, then to another house for 6 months only, then did the big move to France, we are now on a reverse journey missing out the 6 month house and back to our lovely family house -  only 6 days left in France.
Still need to shop, silly things like their flour it makes so much better cakes than ours, pastry in a roll and then wine, champagne and kirs of course.

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