Thursday, 15 March 2012

Birthday parties - are they fun or a nightmare to arrange

Lucie the entertainer
I have 3 children which means a lot of parties and all of them except for 2 I have done at home, with a lot of stress and hard work. This year I am going to do it the hard way again in our house,  but I am going to get a lot of help, Lucie the entertainer, who sounds excellent  and my friend to do the catering.
It will not be the usual birthday party with the whole reception class,  as we are just moving back from france,  but hopefully lots of  friends will come and celebrate my daughter being well again and her 5th birthday.

In the past we have had treasure hunts for my son, that was a lot of organisation! Luckily we had a very sunny day and everyone enjoyed it. For my 2 girls we have had lots of princess parties with face painting, traditional party games and jewellery making - which is an excellent idea as they take the key rings and bracelets home in their party bags, I bought all the beads of ebay and they were stunning.
Sleeping beauty cake

Knights and princess party cake
My daughter waiting for the food to be served
My mother is very talented so she makes all these wonderful cakes. As you can see from the photos, my kids are always planning months ahead what they will have for their next birthday.

Luckily in my english house I have a big enough dining room for all the kids, thats my daughter waiting desperately for the food to be served.

All these parties at home have not been plain sailing at all, I think my stress levels have been OTT, but still I like to punish myself and have them at home.

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