Thursday, 19 July 2012

School holidays - how do working mums cope

I have a business - yes that is obvious, I am a control freak and need everything to be done on time and as perfect as possible, so the question is how do I look after 3 kids over the summer holidays and work, even when we are away in France for 3 weeks.

The answer is I get stressed, but I always do all my work even if it means that I stay up till midnight working. I work like a mad woman, take business phone calls at the zoo, constantly check my iPhone for emails.

So how do I change this. I want to have one hour at least every evening to relax, work for 2 hours every morning 8 - 10am preferably, then go out for the day and work from 4 - 6pm, will it work. My clients always are shocked at how quickly they get responses, so maybe I just respond 2-3 hours later.

So my mission is to ignore the rain and fulfil as many of the 50 things to do before you are 11 3/4 by the National Trust as possible, we have so many beautiful national trust places near to us in Cheshire as well.

Other inspiration I have found when trawling pinterest. See my board here, I am adding to it all the time


  1. I do the same, darn iphone!
    We were at Dunham yesterday, and they had lots of special stuff to help tick off the list. Have vowed to Finn that we will tick off the final few whilst at Anglesey over summer!

  2. I think the rain has stopped a lot of ours, but hopefully France will be sunny.